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Get hands-on experience in marketing and sales while representing PCARDS on your campus. Apply to our power ambassador program today!

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About the Program

PCARDS Power Ambassador Program aims to form a community of individuals to represent our Brand. This program nurtures and empowers young people to develop skills for their careers growth, with the added perk of becoming the official brand ambassadors for PCARDS.

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Community Building

Join our Power Ambassador program and become a part of an exclusive community of driven and passionate individuals! You will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain valuable experience, and make meaningful connections with like-minded peers.

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Brand Representative

Be our Brand Representative! Play a crucial role in promoting our company, products, and services to your fellow peers. You will embody the values and mission of PCARDS, and work to build strong and lasting relationships with your peers and community.

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Learning Experiences

You'll gain valuable marketing and sales experience along with that you'll enhance you will enhance your leadership and networking skills. There will be an real time learning experiences for the candidates that will help in nurturing their skills for future and will help in in their career growth.

Join our Power Ambassador Program and gain valuable experience, build your professional network, and earn rewards for your hard work.

Benefits for the Power Ambassador

Rewards and Recognition

  • Certificate of excellence / letter of recommendation
  • Appreciation letter from CEO
  • Opportunity to win Cash Prices
  • Commission on overachieving
  • Exciting PCARDS goodies and products

Enhance your Profile

  • Opportunity to win personalised digital profile
  • Make your resume stand out
  • Get a letter of recommendation
  • Improve job prospects
  • Potentially lead to a job offer in PCARDS

Learning Opportunities

  • Develop valuable Leadership skills.
  • Opportunity to network with Industry’s best
  • Hands on experience in event management
  • Experience real-time social media marketing, branding, and sales..
  • Opportunity to connect with others.
  • Identify and improve skill areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCARDS Power Ambassador Program is a campus-marketing and sales program that aims to form a community of youngsters to be brand representatives of PCARDS.

Minimum 18 years of age Strong written and verbal communication skills in English Pursuing Graduation or Post Graduation Based out of Nagpur Evaluation : Based on past extracurricular activities in management or sales.

You can apply directly through our website using the apply button on this page. Once you apply, you will hear from us if you are selected.

Yes there are incentives. You can find a detailed description of the rewards in the Benefits for power Ambassador Section above.

Apart from bi-weekly meetings in the evenings post-college hours, the ambassadors will be required to submit weekly reports every weekend

You can contact us at students@pcards.org . Please mention your inquiry in the subject line and your contact details.

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