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Journey To Digital Excellence: 3 in 1 Power Card to transform your Business

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In the fast-paced digital era, first impressions matter more than ever. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a creative freelancer, PCARDS is your gateway to making a memorable impact in the online world. This innovative power card combines three essential tools in one seamless package.

Your gateway to modern networking: The Digital Business Card

In today's fast-paced, digital-centric world, the exchange of contact information and the impression you leave can make or break professional relationships. PCARDS revolutionizes the traditional concept of business cards with its innovative Digital Business Card feature—a dynamic tool that combines elegance, versatility, and functionality into a single digital identity.


  • Unlimited Share

  • Customizable Profile

  • Quick Add to Contact

  • Quick Call & WhatsApp

  • Easy Linking to Social Media Profiles

Enjoy endless opportunities with mini website: transform your business digitally

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, having a strong online presence is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. At PCARDS, we provide a simplified platform for creating mini websites that enable you to showcase your company profile, build a stunning gallery, and seamlessly receive direct inquiries from potential clients. you can effortlessly create a comprehensive company profile that highlights about venture, specialities, values, and unique offerings. Showcase your experience, qualifications, and skills, providing potential customers with a clear understanding of your business's identity as well as you can show your product and services with description and image.


  • About Company

  • Product & Service Catalogue

  • Photo & Video Gallery

  • Payment Details Sharing

  • Enquiry Form

  • Visitor count

Design, Engage, Succeed: your post, your way

In the constantly changing world of digital communication, a captivating online presence is your passport to success.Digital marketing is the cornerstone of business growth, and Social Media provides you with the ideal platform to engage with your clients and share your message effectively. It's an essential tool for expanding your business, making it effortless to connect with a wide audience. With our Social Media Post feature, you have the flexibility to customize your posts, add your logo, and play with text and colors to truly make your brand stand out.


  • Designs for your Branding

  • Multiple Design Options

  • Customizable Themes

  • Festive & Non Festive Designs

  • Share with Anyone

What Make PCARDS Unique?

  • Smart control

  • Instant activation

  • Always accessible

  • Update in real time

  • Professional visibility

  • Interactive mobile app

  • Social media creatives

  • Instant business enquire

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Smart Card

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Mobile App

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Personalised Link

How Affordable!

3 In 1 Power Card at Just INR 8,888/-

  • 365 Days Validity of PCARDS Subscription
  • 1 NFC Chip Enabled Smart Card
  • 2 QR Code Stickers
  • Social Media Creatives with your branding
  • Access to Mobile Application
  • Personalised Link of your card profile

Frequently asked questions

PCARDS Business Network is a power community of business owners & individuals who works with the vision to inspire & mission to empower the community & society.

PCARDS is called the Power Card because it empowers you with the 3 in 1 power solution for your business & personal growth and opens the opportunity of the world.

PCARDS isn't just a card, it's a community of students, professionals, and business owners entrepreneurs, and visionaries . If you become a member of the PCARDS community, you'll enjoy various benefits. Additionally with PCARDS, you can achieve multi times growth in your business. This platform helps you expand your network and enhance engagement with your clients.

It is super easy ! you will get a personalised link which you can share through various ways like tap & share via NFC smart card, QR code, social media & any messaging app.

No, absolutely Not! We understand the importance of time & privacy. You just need to share link which can be seen over any browse available in their phone or laptop.

PCARDS offers a user friendly mobile application & also a web interface, by accessing any of the two you can very easily update your importation.

Yes, PCARDS application is available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

You can add your contact details, business information like about business, product & service catalogue, payment details, photo & video gallery etc., personal information like your education , past experiences, skills, your social media handles etc. and a lot more.

On PCARDS, the mini website is like a small online space for your business. It's where you can put all the important stuff about your business, like company details, products, photos, and videos. You can even show off your specialties, education, and skills. It's a neat way to give people a quick and full picture of what you're all about!

Regular websites are designed for in-depth information, featuring various sections, pages, and complex structures. On the other hand, Mini Websites are streamlined and focused, presenting key information on a single page.

Yes, definitely! you can receive inquiries from clients using PCARDS

Of course Yes! You can add all your company profile, catalogue, website links, PDF files, and even your WhatsApp Business on PCARDS.

Yes! You can show all your different businesses/branches in one place on PCARDS.

You will get the social media posts with your custom branding in the PCARDS mobile application only. Open the PCARDS app go to "My Design," section > Setting > Upload logo and basic business details > Save . Now go to any design category you want and your design is ready. Save & Share via any messaging or social app in your phone.

No, it's super easy! Just pick a post you like, and Customize it the way you want. It only takes a few seconds.

Follows the following step to setup your profile 1.Go to www.pcards.org and sign up by filling out the registration form. 2.Check your email for the ID and password sent by PCARDS after registration. 3.Download the mobile application. 4.Sign in using the credentials from the email/text. 5. Go to 'Edit Card' to customize your profile.

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